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Shaun O'Hara snaps up media roles

Shaun O'Hara is a hot name on the

Shaun O'Hara is a hot name on the media circuit.

Shaun O’Hara has not appeared in an NFL game since 2010, but the three-time Pro Bowl center and one-time Super Bowl champion for the Giants said he has not gotten playing entirely out of his system.

“I’ll always wake up in a three-point stance on Sunday mornings and say, ‘You know what? I miss playing. I would love to play,’’’ he said. “But physically, you just know that’s not what’s best.’’

O’Hara, 36, spoke Thursday at the CBS Broadcast Center during a party to celebrate the first full day of the NCAA Tournament. And why not? Like a number of other 2000s Giants, he is in the media game these days, primarily for the NFL Network but also having worked last season for ESPN Radio and the Giants’ postgame TV show.

“I’m having fun,’’ he said. “It’s been a good learning process. You don’t know what you don’t know until you get out there and try stuff. But I feel really blessed that I have a second job now that doesn’t feel like work.’’

O’Hara’s recently retired fellow Giants offensive lineman David Diehl also is starting to dabble in the media field. Left behind in pads is their old pal Chris Snee, the only remaining starter from the 2007 line that won it all.

“He’s finally coming out of his shell,’’ O’Hara said. “By having me and [Rich] Seubert and all these other guys that would talk for the o-line he never had to. Now that we’re out of there he has to talk. He didn’t like to talk, but he was always very sneaky witty . . . If he has to say 10 words in a day he’s disappointed.’’

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