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Shaun White goes it alone

Sasha Cohen falls as she performs her routine

Sasha Cohen falls as she performs her routine during the free skate at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Spokane, Wash., Saturday, Jan. 23, 2010. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson) Photo Credit: AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

One of the TV highlights of the 2006 Winter Olympics was snowboarder Shaun (Flying Tomato) White revealing his desire to meet figure skater Sasha (Silver Medalist) Cohen in Turin.

The two eventually did meet - briefly - at a party in Hollywood after the Games, but nothing romantic came of it. As far as we know.

This time around, White will have to go it alone, because much to the detriment of NBC's ratings, Ms. Cohen did not qualify for the Vancouver Games.

White will be featured on CBS' "60 Minutes" Sunday, discussing among other things the loneliness that has come with his success - not in terms of meeting cute figure skaters but in terms of his relationship with competitors.

"I definitely found it a bit lonely sometimes," he tells Bob Simon in an excerpt provided by CBS.

"I don't think you can have really good friends that you go and compete with . . . beat them at the hill . . . I totally understand [his competitors' attitude]. If you and I were competing on the hill, I don't think I'd want to hang out with you afterward while you're shining your medal . . . that would be a bummer."

Photo: AP

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