Good Morning
Good Morning


Tuesday night's HBO "Real Sports" features my fellow former Newsday Giants beat reporter, Peter King.

The piece mostly focuses on his fantastically popular weekly "Monday Morning Quarterback" opuses, but it also touches on his days covering Big Blue for Newsday.

Bill Parcells, who nicknamed King "Relentless" (a huge compliment for a reporter), is interviewed in the piece.

Parcells nicknamed the Bergen Record's Vinny DiTrani "Sage."

DiTrani still is on the beat (and has been since 1974) but he will call it a career after the Super Bowl.

I came close to winning a ticket to Dallas to help send Vinny off, but for some reason the Jets let Ben Roethlisberger complete a third-down pass to Antonio Brown and .  . . oh, never mind.

"Real Sports" also has a segment on Fox's Troy Aikman in which he expresses some blunt opinions on some sensitive NFL-related topics.

If the Jets had won I'd have gotten to spend some quality time with Troy in Texas, too.

Oh, well. I will definitely return to the Super Bowl someday. In February of 2014.

Dan Reeves, Jim Fassel and Tom Coughlin have one thing in common: None of them gave me a nickname. That I am aware of.

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