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Sid Rosenberg back on NY radio

Behold, here is my Tuesday newspaper column, which mostly concerns Sid Rosenberg's return to regular New York radio work, and also has items on HBO's profile of the blog "Deadspin" and Fox's expansion of its prime time MLB schedule for 2011, including three May weekends featuring the Yankees and/or Mets.

I did not have room to include comments from Sid's agent, Mark Lepselter, in the paper but he said one of the keys to making Rosenberg's split shifts work is his strong work ethic.

"He is as hard a working guy as there is in the business," Lepselter said. "He has a motor like no one I've ever seen."

Lepselter said Rosenberg has proven over time that he has put his personal problems behind him

"He has been in Miami for five-and-a-half years; it's not like he's been there five-and-a-half months," Lepselter said. "I can assure you Sid has settled in very well in Miami. And he's thrilled to have his voice heard in New York on a regular basis.

"Life's good for Sid Rosenberg these days."

I left a phone message for WINS news director Ben Mevorach to talk about Sid, but I did not hear back.

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