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Sid Rosenberg has a new book

My Tuesday newspaper roundup leads with a look at Sid Rosenberg's new book, in which Lesley Visser compares him to Hamlet and Steve Schirripa compares him to herpes.

It's an entertaining read, as long as you have a serious interest in Sid and/or New York sports talk radio.

Only $10.17 at Amazon!

Sample excerpt:

"If I didn't have the off-the-field issues, I know I would be the biggest radio star to work in New York. If not now, then when Mike Francesa leaves. It's not even debatable.

"Any job, the job that Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason got, would have been mine. I'd be working with Francesa right now.

"No disrespect to Joe Benigno or anybody else, but I'd be the biggest guy in New York. End of story. I'd have all the SNY TV shows and all that ---.

"So I sabotaged myself a million times along the way."

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