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Sid Rosenberg has 'no delusions of grandeur' about New York return

Sid Rosenberg is a sports radio host in south Florida.

But when a certain free agent announced July 8 that he planned to sign with the Heat, Rosenberg was on vacation . . . and filling in at WFAN in New York.

He also went on CNN and said the concentration of talent in Miami is bad for the NBA.

“It was a little awkward,’’ Rosenberg said Friday, recalling “nasty’’ emails, Facebook messages and phone calls to his station in Florida, WQAM. (He did call into the Florida station after LeBron James' "Decision" was announced.)

By this week, Rosenberg was back on the 3 to 7 p.m. shift at WQAM – originating from New York after another week of mid-day shifts at WFAN – and embracing his role a radio villain there.

“I’m wearing the black hat,’’ he said. “I gladly accept the role. In fact, I’m starting to relish it.’’

Rosenberg, who will be on WFAN again the week of Aug. 16, never has made a secret of his long-term desire to return to New York full-time.

But he insisted he is happy in Florida and that his WFAN gig should not be viewed as a tryout.

"Look, I’m under contract with WQAM, and it’s a great station; I can’t say that enough,’’ he said. “It’s going great. I love it there. There’s no offer here, no delusions of grandeur here.’’

Rosenberg was a serious candidate to join Mike Francesa after Chris Russo left, but CBS Radio is believed to have blocked that move because of Rosenberg’s troubled past.

Now there is little economic incentive to add Rosenberg there or anywhere else on the schedule given the strong ratings for WFAN’s morning, mid-day and afternoon shows.

YES’ Kimberly Jones and Rosenberg enjoyed good chemistry in their five shows together this month, but for now there is nowhere to put a new show on the schedule.

But as the station learned in 2007 and ’08, when Don Imus and Russo left in consecutive years, you never know.

That is why it makes sense for WFAN to keep talents such as Rosenberg and Jones in the mix.

Mark Chernoff, WFAN’s operations manager, said he thought Rosenberg did a “great’’ job but added, “I can’t tell you there’s anything more to it than using him for a fill-in at this point.’’

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