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Sid Rosenberg on Chris Russo: 'Dog was just to me phony'

Sid Rosenberg's book, "You're Wrong and You're Ugly,'' doesn't hit stores until mid-April, at which time I'll have more to say about it.

For now, here's an appetizer featuring some of what Sid has to say about former WFAN and current Sirius XM host Chris (Mad Dog) Russo:

"Dog was just to me phony. One day Dog acted like he loved me, like he was my best friend, and the next day I didn't even exist.

"All I want is for somebody to be consistent. Mike [Francesa] was a lot more consistent.

"The funny thing is, people out there tend to prefer Dog. To listeners, Dog has the better attitude.

"He's always laughing and he's funny and gregarious when he meets you. He's got a big laugh and a smile but at the end off the day Dog is also the guy that just wants to play tennis up in Connecticut with his millionaire friends, get his good seats for Bruce Springsteen.

"Mike is real and Dog is a lot like his character."

The book also quotes Russo on the subject of Sid:

"Down deep, Sid's got a good heart. I think Sid's a decent person. He would take the shirt of his back for you. Sid cares, Sid can emote.

"How that translates into how he lives his life is a different situation.

"He makes mistakes, he's misguided, he gets carried away, he has all those issues.

"Down deep I do think Sid cares, so he's salvageable. I wouldn't lend money to him. I don't know if I trust him taking care of my four kids at night. But overall I think Sid's a decent human being. In a lot of ways I Iook at him as a lost soul."

Despite all that, both guys insist they like each other.

More to come in April.

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