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Sir Charles smacks Packer

FILE - in this Aug. 13, 2010 file

FILE - in this Aug. 13, 2010 file photo, Basketball Hall of Fame inductee Charles Barkley, representing the 1992 USA Olympic "Dream" Team, pats his heart as he speaks during the enshrinement news conference at the Hall of Fame Museum in Springfield, Mass. One result of the NCAA's new deal with CBS and Turner Sports to televise the men's basketball tournament is that TNT NBA announcers such as Charles Barkley will be now analyzing college games. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File) Credit: AP

Here is a post from Hahn in which Carmelo Anthony responds to Charles Barkley.

Here is an item from me in which Barkley responds to Billy Packer:

On Tuesday, I got what I thought was good material out of Barkley on the subject of NBA announcers working the NCAA Tournament, a development criticized by former CBS analyst Packer.

Turns out Sir Charles was saving his best material for Thursday on TNT:

“Ernie [Johnson] wanted to be the bigger man; Kenny [Smith] wanted to be the bigger man. Me? Not so much.

“Hey, Billy Packer, you might be right. We might not be very good and know all the players and all the teams in college basketball. I don’t know any players on Wofford or UNC-Asheville. You are absolutely right. But stop being a jackass.

“Listen, we’re going to do a good job. You say [the NCAA] should have went to ESPN. There was one problem: ESPN didn’t have 11 billion dollars. We did. That’s why we got it. So sit back, enjoy the March Madness . . . and shut the hell up.’’

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