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Sirius XM puts Tuna special on menu

Bill Parcells coached either the Jets or Giants

Bill Parcells coached either the Jets or Giants for 11 seasons. (Getty) Credit: Getty RHONA WISEBill Parcells coached either the Jets or Giants for 11 seasons. (Getty)

Our old pals at Sirius XM Satellite Radio wil present a special on Bill Parcells at 9 p.m. Friday, the eve of his induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The show will include interviews with Parcells, John Mara, Bill Belichick, Tom Coughlin and Sean Payton.

Here are highlights that Sirius' crackerjack p.r. staff sent along:

Parcells, who was renowned for his ability to quickly turn a struggling team into a playoff contender, on the importance of being able to adjust his approach with different personnel:  “They’re not cancelling the games that you have to play your first year there, so you’re just kind of set with the players that are available to you upon your arrival.  So you have to figure out how to best utilize them to allow their talent, whatever it be, to flourish.”

Belichick, on valuable lessons learned under Parcells:  “I think the biggest thing I took away from being with Coach Parcells is just recognizing his ability to look at the big picture and to take a look at your football team … and say, ‘Ok, what’s the most important thing on this team that we have to do?  What’s second, what’s third, what’s fourth, what’s fifth?’  And concentrate on those things first because there’s a hundred things – there’s more than that – but there’s an endless list, and sometimes you can get caught up in a lot of details. … Bill was always just outstanding at identifying what were the most important things that need to be done and he didn’t lose sight of them.”

Coughlin, on the lighter moments with Parcells:  “He might come in and in the morning you’d be in there working and he’d come in and sit down and, of course, he’d hold court.  He spoke fluent New Jerseyan (laughs) and the sarcasm and the ridicule, he was pretty good at that, and he had the needle out a lot of times and he could stick that needle right in an area where he knew he was going to get a reaction.”

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