Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

'SNL' has not invited Eli to host

Many moons ago, when Eli Manning was a rookie and I was a beat writer, he told me about his take-it-slow strategy regarding endorsements, seeing as how he had accomplished nothing as a pro at that point.

Seven seasons and one Lombardi Trophy later, Manning is nearly as busy in that regard as his famously commercial older brother Peyton, with deals with Reebok, Oreo, Toyota and Citizen Watch, among others.

I bothered Eli Wednesday during his preparation for the Eagles to ask him about his endorsement approach these days.

"I do whatever makes sense and is the right fit, but I don’t do anything during the season," he said. "I’ve made sure I’ve made 100 percent of my offseason workouts. Football is still my No. 1 concern and my No. 1 job and that’s my responsibility.

"So you start off with a few and if you like it and it makes sense and you build relationships with certain companies, hopefully you stay with them.

"I try to have fun with it. I’m not claiming to be a professional actor or anything but you try to have fun and relax and see if you can do something that entertains the fans."

So, when will he follow in Peyton's footsteps and host "Saturday Night Live?"

"I don’t know," he said. "They gotta ask."

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