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SNY hops train to Bronx

SNY will unveil a series of ads Monday that will adorn a major city subway stop and promote “Geico SportsNite," a show that vows to cover New York sports more thoroughly than anything else on local TV.

Nothing unusual there, except for the location: 161st Street in the Bronx.

Tweaking Yankees fans, are we? “We’re doing it because that’s where New York sports fans are,’’ SNY president Steve Raab said. “We’re fishing where the fish are in the summer.’’

Raab said there was less need for the campaign at Citi Field’s subway stop because Mets fans are more likely to be familiar with the station’s news show. “To us it’s really about broadening the message,’’ he said.

And that message is? “We really think over six years we’ve been able to build it really to what we want it to be,’’ he said, “which is a very deep and thorough nightly sports program for anybody in this market who cares about New York sports, their teams, the teams in their division, anything on their team.

“It’s not a show for Mets fans, per se. It’s a show for New York sports fans.’’

The ads will remain at the Yankee Stadium stop for two months.

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