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SNY's in-game extras make baseball more interesting

A couple of things about my Michael Kay/SNY article before we move on with our blogging day:

I got so caught up in spending my available space on colorful quotes, I didn't give myself enough room to make clear my position on a key point:

SNY has been aggressive in offering in-game extras such as interviews with pitchers when they come out of games in addition to stuff such as viewer calls.

And I am 100 percent for that sort of thing.

Same goes for in-game reports from Kevin Burkhardt on SNY (and now Kimberly Jones on YES).

As long as the producers and announcers are sensitive about getting back to the game when something important is happening, there is nothing wrong with in-game enhancements - especially during three-hours-plus baseball slogs.

Regarding the other key element of the Kay story . . .

As I have written many times, Michael is in an inherently compromised position given his dual roles as YES' play-by-play man and 1050 ESPN's afternoon drive time host.

In this case, having him rip SNY for its broadcasting philosophy on the air is akin to Derek Jeter getting on the radio and questioning Jerry Manuel's handling of his bullpen.

(The part where Kay threw out an inaccurate "conspiracy theory" about the Mets and SNY planting calls wasn't too cool, either.)

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