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SNY's Ray Lucas is fired up

SNY will add Leon Washington and Joe Klecko to its studio team for an expanded Jets pregame show beginning at 11 a.m. Sunday.

Klecko also is scheduled to participate in the network's postgame coverage, which has gained a substantial following as the Jets' success has mounted.

That can be attributed in part to Rex Ryan's entertaining news conferences and locker room speeches, but also to the unpredictable stylings of analyst Ray Lucas, a former Jets quarterback who is unafraid to give in to fan-like excitement when the team wins - and fan-like disgust when it loses.

"We're all fans, No. 1," he said Friday. "The fact we do the show is a bonus . . . I'm feeling everything I say. It's awesome. It really is."

Producer Will O'Toole said he "listens carefully for balance" in his analysts but does not want to restrain Lucas' emotions.

"Ray's passion is what makes him great," he said. "Fans relate to that."

The Jets' run has been a boon to SNY, especially after the Mets' horrendous season.

O'Toole likened the Mets to the network's starting quarterback, and the Jets coverage to "the backup quarterback that had to be ready."

SNY plans to have a show every day from South Florida if the Jets advance to Super Bowl XLIV.

Lucas said the Jets against the Vikings would be "my dream matchup - stick it right down [Brett Favre's] throat."

(Rival paper bonus: Here is Sandomir's story in the NYT about the 1968 AFL Championship Game being blacked out live in the New York area.)

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