Here is a newspaper story I wrote about SNY's Mets announcing team, which begins its fifth season together Tuesday.

Said Ron Darling:

"We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but together, it kind of makes sense."

I also wrote a story about the humongous ratings in Canada and the U.S. for Sunday's gold medal hockey game.

Nothing new in that piece that you haven't seen on the blog, but I did forget to mention one factoid that I'll share with you now:

The 27.6 million viewers for the gold medal game is more than three times the 7.9 million that watched Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final last spring.

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That game featured a dream matchup between the Red Wings and Penguins, and it is about the best the NHL normally can do, viewership-wise. The great challenge now will be somehow translating the afterglow of the Olympic tournament into better ratings for the pro league.

It won't be easy.