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SNY visits Wright's home

Monday night at around 9:30, SNY debuts a new show called "Going Home: David Wright," in which Kevin Burkhardt visits the Mets third baseman's Virginia hometown, including his high school and his family.

I'm told David's brother does an amusing imitation of him answering questions after a game.

Here are some sample quotes:

Burkhardt: "You were a great student. What were your grades in high school and did you have to maintain a certain average for you to play sports?"

Wright: "It was funny, looking back on it, my dad always said that if I made a “B” – was I satisfied with it? Was that the best I could do? If the answer was yes, then he accepted it. But if my father said was there something you could have done better to try and up that – and there normally was – I would fess up to it."

Burkhardt: "Did you actually fess up? That really is an easy out for a kid."

Wright: "My father’s job (a cop for 30-plus years) was to interrogate people – and he has done that before – so I don’t think getting the truth out of me was that hard. It was like the movie “Meet the Parents” where they hook him up to a lie detector – except it’s a human lie detector. He doesn’t even need a machine. He sees right into your soul. But it was good. It taught me the basics. It taught me honesty and to shoot for high goals."

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