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Stan Van Gundy doesn't feel draft

The media highlight of my recent swing through Florida was listening to Magic coach Stan Van Gundy’s entertaining, post-shootaround rant Tuesday about sports fans’ and media’s obsession with the future over the present.

I wrote about that the other day but didn’t have room to include the part where Van Gundy veered off into a tangential discussion of ESPN’s fixation on the NFL Draft – months before the fact.

Enjoy: “It’s like ESPN, every day, with hours and hours of coverage of the NFL Draft. People get so excited. They’re more excited about where people might be going than they are about the games.’’

(Sarcasm alert) “I have to check every day to see if anybody’s moved up or down Mel Kiper’s draft board. I mean, that’s really exciting to me.’’ (End sarcasm)

“All this speculation over it, I mean, where’s [Blaine] Gabbert going in the draft? How high? First round? Second round? Third round? Who cares? I just don’t get it.’’

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