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Sterling, Kay call No. 3,000

Here is the call of Jeter's 3,000th from John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman on WCBS:

Suzyn: There is so much energy in this park everyone’s going to need a nap when he’s done here. You can just feel it.

John: And there’s the chant, which you can hear in the background: “De-rek, Je-ter, De-rek, Je-ter.” Here comes the 3-2 from Price. Swung on and hit in the air to deep left! That ball is high! It is far! It is . . . gone! He homers! Derek Jeter homers to tie the game and there it is. Hit number 3,000. Derek Jeter has achieved another milestone in his Hall of Fame career. Fifteen playoff appearances, 12 All-Star Games, five World Championships and now the first Yankee to amass 3,000 hits. The Captain, Derek Jeter.

Suzyn: As he promised, Jorge Posada jumped over that railing and was the first one to reach Derek Jeter. A magnificent milestone for a magnificent Yankee.

John: Well, if that’s the most amazing thing. He homers, and I mean he hit a shot over the auxiliary scoreboard in left center and into the grandstand seats. A long home run for Jeter, his third of the year, his 23rd RBI to tie the game at 1. And so we were all hoping that the 3,000th hit would be clean. Baby, that was as clean as any hit you’ve ever seen in your life. He turned around a 3-2 fastball and hit it well up into the crowd. Every Yankee on the field has come to hug Derek. Every single one. Is that dramatic? Is that ultra-dramatic? What a way to achieve the milestone of 3,000.

Here is Michael Kay on YES:

"That one's drilled deep to leftfield. Going back Joyce. Looking up. See ya! 3,000! History, with an exclamation point! Oh, what a way to join the 3,000-hit club. Derek Jeter has done it in grand style!"

Kay then went silent for 105 seconds to let the pictures tell the story.

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