Went to New Meadowlands Stadium this a.m. for a news conference to discuss the building's bid for the 2014 Super Bowl.

The potential for wintry weather naturally was the biggest topic of discussion, but the official company line is that harsh elements will add to the event's appeal.

Jets owner Woody Johnson went so far as to say this: "We'll be lucky if it snows."

Giants president John Mara pointedly downplayed reports of tension between the two teams during the process of designing and building the stadium, saying he is "tired of reading" about that.

He didn't mention an April 26 piece on that subject in The Wall Street Journal, but that clearly was one of the articles to which he was referring.

I drove past Giants Stadium for the first time in nearly a month and discovered that half of it is gone.

The press box and press elevator still are there.

Speaking of which, today UPS delivered the two "Press Elevator" signs from the old building that I purchased from Steiner Sports as souvenirs.

One has an arrow pointing right, the other left.

Not sure what they will be worth in 50 years, but let's just put it this way:

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My grandchildren never will have to work a day in their lives. Unless they want to eat and buy clothes and stuff like that.