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Super Bowl volunteer program gets complicated

Bill Clinton will swear in New York City's

Bill Clinton will swear in New York City's 109th mayor at Wednesday's inauguration, the mayor-elect's transition office announced Saturday. Credit: AP

Very interesting piece in today's NYT about the Super Bowl XLVIII volunteer program and some complications therein.

I both admire volunteers for Super Bowls and other big events and also feel for them, given the thanklessness of many of the tasks to which they are assigned.

I do understand the notion of wanting to be part of a big local happening - and to help your community put its best face forward.

That was one reason I volunteered for the 1992 Democratic Convention - blowing up balloons, helping direct visitors at the hotel housing the New Mexico and Arizona delegations and whatnot.

It was not the main reason I did it, though. That reason was to meet women.

I met the future Mrs. WatchDog a few weeks after the convention, so it all worked out well in the end.

I also got a red T-shirt with a donkey on it.

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