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Super Bowl will include ads

Every year I try to steer clear of the subject of Super Bowl commercials, because it's too big and complicated a topic and outside my usual sports-ish jurisdiction.

Fortunately, LaMonica did a post offering some sneak peaks at ads for the big game, for those of you into that sort of thing.

I haven't paid close attention to Super Bowl ads since the last time I was not working on Super Bowl Sunday, which was 1994.

The first Super Bowl I watched was IV. I remember calling my friend Ira before the game to discuss the pathetic hopelessness of the Chiefs' cause.

The only one I have missed since then was that one when the Raiders beat the Redskins in '84, because I was on a plane from San Diego to Anchorage with the University of Alaska-Anchorage hockey team.

I would be fascinated to know what the heck I was doing as an 8-year-old when I was not watching the Jets win Super Bowl III. But both of my parents are deceased at the present time, so that will have to remain one of the great unanswered questions of sports media history.

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