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Stallone is eggy; Basinger is leggy

"GRUDGE MATCH" (Dec. 25): A comedy-drama with Sylvester

"GRUDGE MATCH" (Dec. 25): A comedy-drama with Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro as aging boxers. Credit: MCT

I will be writing more later this month about the soon-to-be-released, silly-but-cute boxing film, “Grudge Match,’’ starring two guys who have appeared in previous boxing movies of some note: Sylvester Stallone and Robert DeNiro.

But two quick thoughts for now:

First, happy (gulp) 60th birthday Sunday, Kim Basinger, luminescent as the film’s love interest. (Her daughter, 18-year-old Ireland Baldwin, recently told Elle magazine, “She looks like she's my age. Her body, I swear, it's scary.")

Second, now that the ads for the film are in heavy rotation, including a playful “Rocky’’ reference in a meat locker, I no longer can resist sharing another such nod to the past, in which Stallone’s character inevitably finds himself facing a training regimen that includes raw eggs.

“Fighters still do this?’’ Stallone asks. “It seems like a lot of cholesterol.’’

“Grudge Match’’ opens Dec. 25.

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