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Take it from an expert on these things: Wichita State won't win

2. ONWARD CHRISTIAN 1992 East Regional Final: Duke

1992 East Regional Final: Duke 104, Kentucky 103
Christian Laettner's iconic shot to beat Kentucky in the 1992 East Regional final is the greatest shot in tournament history and one of the great moments in sports history. Trailing 103-102 with 2.1 seconds left in OT, Duke's Grant Hill threw a pass three-quarters of the length of the court. Laettner caught it inside the free-throw circle with Kentucky's John Pelphrey and Deron Feldhaus defending. It all seemed like slow motion as Laettner turned and hit the shot over Feldhaus. Credit: AP

As most of you surely recall, in March of 1991, my first year on the college hoops beat, I wrote a pre-NCAA column flat-out guaranteeing undefeated UNLV would not win the tournament.

At the time it was considered a rather bold assertion, considering that the defending champs were by far the best team in the nation and appeared darn near unstoppable.

The Runnin' Rebels won their first four games, which had me a tad nervous, but then came the national semifinals against Duke in Indianapolis.

I was sitting in the front row when it ended.

Every time since then that I have seen the replay of UNLV's final, missed shot, I have nervously scanned the perimeter of the screen hoping no camera caught me openly rooting for one team for the first and only time in my career.

When Duke one, I quickly but clearly pumped my right fist.

Come Monday morning, Newsday reprinted part of my original column with a jagged bottom as if it were a ripped from the paper for the world to see.

So, at age 30, my brilliance and acumen were confirmed.

That was the last team before Wichita State to enter the NCAAs undefeated.

You heard it here last, but take it from someone with a proven track record in these matters: I guarantee the Shockers won't win it all, either.


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