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TBS crew debates Verlander decision

Interesting pregame debate in the TBS studio about Jim Leyland's decision not to use Justin Verlander in Game 5 under any circumstances:

Dennis Eckersley: “He could’ve (pitched), I mean, why not? I don’t really agree with it but this guy is their man. They are worried about him long-term. At the same time, do you panic? Is it a panic move to have him pitch? They said it a long time ago and they’ve stuck to their guns. They haven’t changed about putting him in.”

David Wells: “This could be the last game of the season and you’ve got to go with the whole arsenal. Those 57 pitches (Verlander threw pre-game) could’ve been applied to the game. Don’t waste your bullets.”

Cal Ripken: “It almost feels to me (they are saying), ‘Should Justin Verlander pitch every game? Let’s just wear him out and push him out there.’ You have to rely on the whole team and I like what (Tigers manager Jim) Leyland is doing here. He’s staying strong and saying, ‘No, we’re not going to use him here. We’re going to rely on the whole team to help us get there.’ If they do, they’ll have Verlander for Game 1 (of the ALCS).”

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