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TBS' John Smoltz is on his game

TBS' John Smoltz has been praised during the ALDS for overall solid work, including a couple of timely first-guesses in key situations.

I spoke to him about his rising TV stardom Wednesday during the series' lone off day.

"Anything I’ve ever done, to be honest with you, I never think, a, that I’m good enough or, b, that I can’t learn enough. I’m just doing what somewhat comes naturally . . . Honestly, I'm just reliving 25 years of what I’ve watched. I try not to be afraid to get out front of something and be wrong.

"I'm having a good time. A lot of things are timing. A lot of things are fed to me and what I’m trying to do is call the game in a way that has its trends and to inject calls for certain things. When I was a major league pitcher I sat on the bench 130 games a year watching."

Smoltz, who praised the entire Turner crew for making the on-air personalities look good, said the postseason atmosphere gets him extra-excited, just as it did when he played.

"I love it," he said. "I wish there was more of it. I wish they could find a way to shorten the [regular] season and get more of this. The season’s too long as it is."


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