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Terry Bradshaw is popular

Nielsen's sports year in review package is quite a collection of weird numbers that appeal to ratings geeks such as myself, but the highlight is its "N-Score" rankings, which attempt to measure the brand impact of various sports figures for endorsement purposes.

No. 1 overall: Shaun White. Tops among female athletes: Venus Williams.

Then there are announcers, which is more in my jurisdiction.

The leader in that division was Terry Bradshaw, followed by Mike Ditka, Dan Marino, Chris Berman and Bob Costas.

I have absolutely no idea what conclusions to draw from that information.

Other interesting tidbits from Nielsen:

The sport with the highest percentage of viewership from households with incomes over $100,000: hockey.

Also, the most recalled sports-related TV ad of 2010 was the one in which Michael Phelps swims through pavement to promote Subway.

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