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Good Afternoon

'The Two Escobars' is best '30-for-30' documentary yet

Here is an item from the Friday paper about the upcoming ESPN documentary "The Two Escobars." I'll write more about it on the blog next week.

ESPN’s “30 for 30” series has offered an impressive diversity of films to date, but “The Two Escobars,” premiering Tuesday, is by far the most ambitious and arresting.

It also requires the most of viewers; it is feature length and mostly in Spanish (with subtitles).

Brothers Jeff and Michael Zimbalist explore the violent, chaotic early 1990s in Colombia through the intersecting lives of doomed soccer star Andres Escobar and drug baron Pablo Escobar (who were not related).

Even now, the fallout from that era is so sensitive the Zimbalists left many interviews on the cutting room floor to protect their subjects.

The most remarkable footage is of the Colombian national team visiting Pablo Escobar in his private “prison” for a pickup game.

Coach Francisco Maturana’s memorable explanation: “If Don Vito Corleone invites me to dinner, I show up."

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