Good Morning
Good Morning

Thierry Henry confronts reality of soccer knowledge in America

In advance of his Red Bulls debut tonight, Thierry Henry appeared on Fox5 and patiently endured a spectacular train wreck of an interview, in which the questioners displayed a breathtaking lack of knowledge about the soccer superstar and his sport.

It was unclear whether Henry was horrified or amused.

I'm not sure which I am either.

More stuff to keep you occupied for a while as I tend to my newspaper job:

Jimmy Johnson is going to appear on "Survivor." Really. It says so here.

The "Field of Dreams" is for sale.

SpongeTech allegedly owes Madison Square Garden, the Mets, the Giants and the Islanders hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece. I always wondered how the heck that company was affording all of that high-profile advertising. Apparently it wasn't.

Alan Hahn arguing with Gus Johnson on "Knicks Night Live."

I had a thought last night: If the Mets had signed me instead of Jason Bay for the rookie minimum of $400,000 and played me every day but used the savings from Bay's contract to buy competent players, they still would have come out ahead overall. 

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