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Tiger Woods is getting boring

This morning Mrs. WatchDog informed one of the pups that Tiger Woods would be addressing reporters at 2 p.m.

Pup: "Hasn't he done that already?"

Mrs. WatchDog: "This time it's a press conference."

Pup: "This is getting boring."

Ah, the unambiguous clarity of the young. It's true, of course, but I'll watch it anyway, since it's my job.

More importantly, our own Mark Herrmann will be on the scene.

(BTW, good stuff here from Deitsch on the latest Tiger media madness.)

The questions will be more interesting than Tiger's well-rehearsed answers. But let's not expect too much, please.

There are tough questions the golf media should and will ask, because even though there is no game with writers as religiously dedicated to the sport they cover as golf, the room will be full of journalism pros who will do their jobs.

On the other hand, at some point it will be time for golf questions, and the questioners should not be criticized for that.

It's time to play. This is getting boring. 

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