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Tiki bashing is over the top

Traci Lynn Johnson and Tiki Barber attend the

Traci Lynn Johnson and Tiki Barber attend the 1st Annual Unicef Masquerade Ball at The Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York City. (Oct. 21, 2010) Credit: Getty

I took a brutal beating from my tweeps Tuesday night after I attempted to defend Tiki Barber on Twitter.

Well, I wasn't defending him exactly. Mostly I was attempting to say simply that the level of hatred for him among many Giants fans is wildly out of proportion to his rap sheet.

I'm not saying the guy has handled everything well in his professional and personal lives.

But he is an all-time Giants great, and his misdeeds pale in comparison to, for example, the greatest player in team history, Lawrence Taylor.

Discussion topic: 

Is there any player in the history of New York sports who was among the 20 or so best players in the history of his franchise and yet was this disliked in retirement?

I can't think of anyone. Help, please.

(UPDATE: I spoke to Barber's agent Wednesday and wrote this story.)

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