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Tim McCarver, Orel Hershiser surprised by Mets' surge

Fox and ESPN loaded up on Mets games early in the season, when the team looked like it was going nowhere.

Now that the Mets have become relevant again, are Fox analyst Tim McCarver and ESPN analyst Orel Hershiser surprised by what they have seen since early spring?

"Yes, I am," McCarver said. "I'm surprised, especially without Beltran.

"[Earlier in the season] we put a real positive spin on Jerry Manuel staying as manager of the Mets regardless of what Jeff Wilpon had to say or Omar Minaya or anyone else. Every other day it was Fire Jerry Manuel Day in New York.

"I think he's a very gracious man. I love his sense of humor. I think he copes very well with the pressures of New York." 

Said Hershiser: "I think you have to be surprised. It’s not a professional disrespect as much as the Mets should be given a lot of credit for what they did by themselves without the support of anyone around them.

"The fan base has responded to the results but the fan base was skeptical of this being any kind of season for the Mets. There was always a tinge of sarcasm in talking about the Mets.

"Always the questions for me were, 'Do you think Jerry is gone? Do you think Omar is gone?' Then the next week we go in and they’ve won seven and it's, 'They’re the best, can you believe this?' But even when they were saying that they would say, 'But I know they’re going to disappoint me.'

"Now they’re getting to the point where the fan base is starting to believe in them."

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