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Tim Tebow ratings gold for CBS

To no one's surprise, the late afternoon window on CBS Sunday was ratings gold.

With nearly 80 percent of the nation getting the Patriots-Broncos game - and about 13 percent on Jets-Eagles - CBS averaged 19.5 percent of homes in 56 major markets.

That was the second best such figure in the regular season in the 14 seasons since CBS reacquired the NFL in 1998 and the best since a 2007 Patriots-Colts game.

NBC had hoped to have the Tebows flexed to prime time but CBS successfully fought to keep the game. The Peacocks had to settle for an 11.3 rating for Ravens-Chargers.

The NFL is headed for another interesting flexing decision for Jan. 1, a ruling that is not due until early next week.

No team has maxed out on its number of prime time games this season, so every matchup on the board is fair game.

If the Giants and Cowboys win Saturday to set up a winner-take-all showdown on New Year's Day, that game would appear to be an excellent candidate for prime time.

Good thing it's not a work/school night.

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