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Tom Landry rooted for the Giants

Former Cowboys coach Tom Landry.

Former Cowboys coach Tom Landry. Credit: AP

Tom Landry played for the Giants and later coordinated their defense, but after nearly three decades coaching the Cowboys, surely his allegiance shifted late in his life, right?

Nope. In a soon-to-be-released book, “The Last Cowboy,’’ Landry’s widow, Alicia, speaks bitterly of how owner Jerry Jones treated Landry after firing him in 1989 – including taking away the family’s box at Texas Stadium – and how that affected she and her husband. That included a lack of interest in watching the Cowboys play.

“That’s why I watch Giants games,’’ the author, Plainview’s own Mark Ribowsky, quotes her saying in a late 2011 interview. “I want ‘em to win, so I get involved in watching their games, as did Tommy.’’

Later, Alicia Landry says, “The Giants are still like family. I still have dinner with [Wellington's widow] Ann Mara when she comes in [to Texas] . . . The Giants never stopped being our family.’’

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