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Clear 34° Good Afternoon

Tribeca/ESPN festival is at hand

If you never have been to the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival, you should consider it. It opens later this week. It's my favorite sports media event of the year.

Then again, I get in free and don't have a real job that keeps me from goofing off in lower Manhattan movie theaters on weekday afternoons, so I'm not the fairest judge.

There are seven films in the festival this year, three of which are part of ESPN's deservedly much-praised "30 for 30" series.

Speaking of "30 for 30," the next entry is Tuesday night's "Silly Little Game" on the history of Rotisserie League baseball.

As I indicated in the Tuesday paper, it's a fun, entertaining look back to the primordial days of fantasy sports 30 years ago.

The pastime has come a long way since then.

Good news about the documentary: The talking heads are amusing and enlightening.

Bad news: The use of cheesy historical re-enactments featuring look-alike young actors almost destroys the entire project.

When I retire I am going to become a film school professor and offer a class for young documentarians called "Cut the Cheesy Re-Enactments!"

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