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Troy Aikman likes great outdoors

I asked Troy Aikman and Jimmy Johnson on a Fox conference call whether they like the fact the rest of the playoffs most likely will go through domes or warm cities, or whether that will take something away from the tournament.

Johnson said he was pleased, because with the pregame show for the NFC Championship Game originating from the game site, he won’t have to worry about what happened two years ago in Green Bay, when he poured a bottle of water into a glass and by the end of the show it was frozen solid.
“I think one thing it does is it makes it a level playing field,” Johnson said. “It takes away a little of the home field advantage for some of these teams. If you’re the Green Bay Packers and you have a game at home it will be difficult for teams from the South to go up there and have success.”
Said Aikman:  “I prefer outdoor stadiums. In fact, I preferred an outdoor stadium even when I was playing . . . An outdoor stadium, an open-air stadium, with the elements and the cold, I think it makes for great pictures and it makes for great drama.”
When Johnson noted it is warmer in the broadcast booth than on the field, Aikman recalled that Giants-Packers title game two years ago, which he said was “the coldest I’ve ever been in my life . . . and I had about six layers on.”
Aikman said Joe Buck assured him he had a heater for the booth that would take care of them. They kept the window closed until the last possible moment, “then the temperature went from 70 to 15 degrees in no time at all. I’m still not sure why [Buck] thought that thing works.”
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