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TV anchor turned doctor Marvell Scott is man on a mission in Haiti

For seven years Marvell Scott lived one of the most unusual double lives in sports media, simultaneously completing a medical residency and working as a sports anchor for WABC-TV.

Scott finally gave up the latter last summer, realizing “being a part-time doctor is not very feasible."

A specialist in sports injuries and other orthopedic problems, he spent the fall completing a fellowship that included working with teams at Rutgers and Princeton, and now he is setting up a private practice.

First, though, Scott plans to spend next week and perhaps beyond in Haiti, assisting orthopedic and plastic surgeons treating people injured during the earthquake there. He flew to the Dominican Republic Friday and was to arrive at the border city of Jimani late that night and serve at a hospital in Fond Perisien, Haiti. 

In addition to medical assistance, Scott also will work to place orphaned children through the Cabrini Mission Foundation.

He said he was expecting a challenging experience; it began when he learned Thursday that medical supplies had been stolen from the staff in Haiti, so he scrambled to buy new material before leaving New York.

Scott, 36, who was a running back at Illinois and Delaware and in a minor-league version of arena football, said he would like to return to television, more likely as a medical expert than a sportscaster.
“I’m in the process of reinventing myself as a physician,’’ he said. “My sportscasting passion is going to be on hold for an extended period of time."

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