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Wade Phillips was right to go for 2

BTW, no matter how many media members - including the "Monday Night Football" game announcers - rip Wade Phillips for going for two points trailing by 12 late in the game, the Cowboys coach was mathematically correct.

I know it seems wrong, but it isn't.

Here's why: Assuming the plan is to tie the game by scoring another touchdown and a field goal, at some point a two-point conversion will be needed.

You can get it right after drawing within 12 or you could wait until you are within two.

But it makes more sense to try the two-pointer first, because that way you have a clearer sense of what you need to tie or win.

So if you miss the two-pointer and still trail by 12, you know you need two more touchdowns to win.

If you kick a one-pointer and trail by 11, then kick a field goal, then miss the two-pointer after you get within two, you have missed what turned out to be an essential opportunity to try for a touchdown back when you were naively kicking that field goal.

Oy. This is why I didn't attempt to explain this on Twitter in 140 characters.

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