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Wakeup call for NFL Network

The way Mark Kriegel explained it to his 12-year-old daughter, he is about to “morph into a cross between and a daddy and a vampire.’’

Sounds about right. Starting July 30 he will be a commentator on “NFL AM,’’ the NFL Network’s plunge into the deep, crowded morning talk pool.

It is a four-hour show built around football, with doses of pop culture blended in, live from 6 to 10 a.m.

One catch: It will originate from Los Angeles, where the network is based. Do the math. Cue the vampires.

Kriegel said after two days of rehearsal he felt “like I was walking out on the moon.’’ After four, he began to “feel vaguely human.’’

But the former New York columnist (and author of biographies of Joe Namath and Pete Maravich) said he is happy for the opportunity, particularly given the lure of the show’s primary subject matter.

 “When you leave New York you realize the whole country is about football,’’ he said, “and I am not sure there is any line of demarcation at this point between football and the rest of popular culture.’’

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