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1977: Cosmos reach their peak With Pele

1977: Cosmos reach their peak
With Pele in the fold, alongside fellow stars Franz Beckenbauer of Germany and Giorgi Chinaglia of Italy, soccer gained a celebrity following and, in some respects, it was on equal footing with the other major sports. In 1977, a Cosmos playoff game drew a crowd of over 77,000, while a Yankees game on the same night drew only 21,000, according to the ESPN Cosmos retrospective. The Cosmos made their move to Giants Stadium in 1977, routinely attracting crowds of 40,000, according to RSSF, a soccer statistical database. The club capped off the 1977 season with a league championship, defeating Seattle in the Soccer Bowl. | Credit: AP

SNY will carry select Cosmos games this season, beginning with Saturday's opener against Fort Lauderdale at Hofstra.

Also on the August schedule is the Aug. 24 home game against San Antonio. SNY also plans to show classic Cosmos games from the 1970s and early '80s.

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