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WatchDog '09 predictions BA: .200

How did I do with my predictions for 2009, posted last Dec. 30? Let's review:

1. Eli and Peyton Manning will face one another in Super Bowl XLIII, drawing in even more casual fans than usual and lifting the average viewership over 100 million for the first time. (Wrong.)

2. 1050 ESPN will move to 101.9 FM, improving its signal and ending the era of after-sunset interference from CHUM, an oldies station in Toronto. (Wrong, but a new tower has improved the station's signal.)

3. SNY will add closed captioning for the hearing impaired (and for sports bar patrons) in time for the Mets' opener, lest it read about its failure to do so here every single day. (Technically wrong, but I'm giving myself credit because it did happen early in the season, thanks in large part to Newsday writing about it.)

4. SNY also will show the 1969 World Series in honor of that event's 40th anniversary - including Game 1, thus beating YES to the honor of being the first team-owned cable channel in New York to present a classic game that resulted in a loss. (Right.)

5. Mike Francesa will announce a sidekick (and jingle) for his afternoon radio show sometime in February. (Sidekick wrong, jingle right.)

6. MSG will develop a discussion show featuring sportswriters from Cablevision-owned Newsday, not hosted by Mr. G or by me. (Wrong.)

7. At least one local newspaper will ditch baseball box scores other than those involving the Yankees and Mets, another body blow to sports media traditionalists. (Wrong. But I think it will happen in '10. It's overdue.)

8. 1050 ESPN will develop a local show for the early afternoon slot currently occupied by national fare. (Wrong.)

9. Barack Obama will name Jon Heyman the official Sports Journalist of America, allowing cash-strapped media companies to avoid employing anyone else. Heyman quickly will improve WatchDog page views total. (Wrong, but it should have happened.)

10. Newsday will send me to the Super Bowl, and tell me to do nothing but blog and get coffee for Mr. G. (Wrong.)

Wow. I ended up right on the Mendoza Line. Ick.

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