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Scattered Clouds 38° Good Afternoon

WatchDog stars in podcast

It's very good to be back on Fang's Bites and Sports Media Journal this a.m. as a guest on a 30-minute podcast that features good questions by the hosts and long, rambling answers by me.

My scribblings used to be featured regularly on those sites, but since the pay wall went up Oct. 28 . . . not so much.

I discussed that topic and many others - including SBXLIV - with Ken Fang and Keith Thibault, both of whom I was honored to meet last June at the Blogs with Balls conference in Manhattan.

A couple of links to stuff in other NY papers:

The Post reports that the city's public schools are looking into making an exclusive deal to televise and market their sports content.

The Daily News' John Harper - a former leadoff hitter and shortstop for the writers team in the annual training camp softball showdown against Giants coaches - now is catching Johan Santana in Florida. 

The Giants writers miss him. They haven't beaten the coaches since 1999. (I hit two home runs that day. But I hate to brag.)


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