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Whither Chris (Mad Dog) Russo?

Radio personality Chris "Mad Dog" Russo pushes thourgh

Radio personality Chris "Mad Dog" Russo pushes thourgh a workout at Personal Training Professionals gym in New Canaan, Conn. (Sept. 28, 2012) Credit: Craig Ruttle

Difficult to believe we are coming up on five years since Mike Francesa and Chris Russo parted ways after 19 years together on WFAN.

It was so long ago that the day Sirius XM Satellite Radio announced Russo's hiring at its Manhattan studios, I walked by Lehman Brothers headquarters and observed a line of employees waiting to get into the building to clear out their desks.

Anyway, I've been too tied up with Knicks coverage lately to keep as close an eye on the local sports media beat as I usually do, but I do have an update to offer regarding what Mad Dog might be doing when his contract expires in September.

This is more than an educated guess but less than a slam dunk so let's call it informed speculation: I believe there is a good chance Russo will stay at Sirius XM.

I know there have been negotations and there is interest on both sides in re-signing, so if the money can be worked out, it appears Chris isn't going anywhere.

Speaking of money, there is no chance Russo will make the approximately $3 million a year he is believed to earn on his current deal, so figuring out just how much of a pay cut he can swallow is key.

One justification for a salary reduction would be that it seems likely Russo will be asked only to concentrate on his own show moving forward and not run an entire station, as he now technically does.

Russo's own agent, Sandy Montag, told me last autumn that Chris was not born to be an executive.

There is zero chance of Russo getting back together with Francesa, who recently signed a contract extension at WFAN through 2016, and it appears CBS, NBC and ESPN are not pursuing him actively.

Having him go head-to-head against Francesa on ESPN Radio in New York would have been entertaining, but it appears that is not in the cards.

Again, nothing official yet. But Sirius XM seems to be his most likely home for the next several years, as it has been for the past five.

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