Good Evening
Good Evening

Will June 17, 2010, turn out to be as memorable as June 17, 1994?

Huge sports day: World Cup! U.S. Open! Game 7! World Series rematch!

Enjoy it. Game 7s are rare gifts. I've only been to four of them live:

Nets-Spurs in 1976 ABA semis, Mets-Bosox in '86 World Series and Knicks-Pacers and Knicks-Rockets in '94.

Speaking of '94, ESPN's "June 17, 1994" documentary, which premiered Wednesday night, did pretty well in the ratings, with New York finishing 19th out of 55 major markets with an average of 1.2 percent of homes.

Strangely, L.A. ranked next to last among the 55.

Maybe someone should do a documentary about today's action. Someday. Me? I'll weigh in Friday with random thoughts on the blog and on Twitter.

For now, I'm busy with newspaper stuff again.

You can read this story about Brooke Hundley's appearance on CBS' "Early Show."

Or watch soccer. Or golf. Or hoops. Or baseball. Or "Cake Boss." Entirely up to you. This is what makes America great.

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