Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Writer is gay; world shrugs

Back in 2003, a Boston Herald sportswriter named Ed Gray revealed that he is gay, causing a bit of a stir in the sports journalism world. How would athletes react to him? Colleagues? Readers?

Thursday, another Herald sportswriter, Steve Buckley, wrote a heartfelt column announcing he, too, is a homosexual.

In a stark illustration of how far we have come on this topic in recent years the reaction was . . . actually, there wasn’t much of one. The sports world mostly shrugged.

That’s very nice. But despite the rapid evolution in the acceptance of homosexuals in our midst – even in the military! – there remains one barrier no one has yet been brave enough to cross:

There has not been an active, male pro in a major American team sport to come out. That day surely is nearer than ever. But when?

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