It appears the NHL Winter Classic will not be held at Yankee Stadium on 1/1/11. Pity.

Here is the word from my sports business beat confrere and fellow home brewer Eric Fisher of Sports Business Journal/Daily:

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Yankees President Randy Levine said it was "highly unlikely" the new Yankee Stadium would host next year's NHL Winter Classic, due to the club's planned staging of a new bowl game at the ballpark on December 30, amplifying growing industry feelings in recent days to that effect.

"There's been no decision, but I would have to think it's highly unlikely, certainly if they're sticking to the New Year's Day (scheduling)" Levine said. "We haven't heard anything from NBC or the NHL, and we're moving ahead with the bowl game."

A big part of the success attained in Boston with the '10 Winter Classic stemmed from an early installation of the ice at Fenway Park and the multitude of events held at the temporary rink, factors that could not be repeated at Yankee Stadium this December and January.

Photo: AP