I don't care how many of my seamhead colleagues insist that most fans are untroubled by the lengths of Yankees-Red Sox games, and that my obsession with this topic is just the tiresome ramblings of an old-timer who recalls when games averaged 2:20 or so.

I reject your assertion. Sorry. There are many fans out there with jobs and spouses and children and other interests who do NOT want games to last 3:46 and 3:48 the first two nights of the season.

Even close ones like the Yanks and Sox have played thus far.

Single 25-year-olds might not have a problem with this, but married 50-year-olds do. Or should.

It's the biggest issue facing the sport, IMHO.

But enough about that. Enjoy the season. See you in November.

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(BTW, the guy singing at Fenway in the video is Neil Diamond. Of Erasmus High. In Brooklyn.)