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Yankees rate in ALDS

An average of 15.2 percent of New York area homes watched Game 4 of the ALDS Tuesday night compared to 22.7 percent in Detroit.

That's actually a smaller gap than what we usually see during postseason events involving New York teams. Often, the other city more than doubles the New York ratings.

Of course, the fact the Tigers were out of it for the second half of the game no doubt caused many television sets to turn off - or to "Parenthood" on NBC - in Detroit.

(If you don't watch "Parenthood," which most people don't, you really should try it, especially if you are a parent or have been a parent or have parents.)

Before I forget . . . I wanted to link to a couple of baseball-related profiles that were published while I was busy schlepping to Arizona to cover the football Giants' big victory over the Cardinals.

Here is me on Turner's Brian Anderson.

Here is another former Giants beat writer, the Times' Bill Pennington, on WCBS' John Sterling.


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