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Yankees see many empty seats

Here is a story I wrote about the Yankees' early attendance woes - in terms of a drop in paid attendance relative to last year, in terms of no-shows among people who possess tickets and in terms of shockingly low prices on the secondary market.

(I wrote an interesting story on the resale market last month that increases in relevance by the day. If you read the drastically abridged newspaper version back on March 27 please check out the complete story here when you have a break in your busy schedule.)

Tweeps and other readers already have expressed skepticism about all of the seemingly logical explanations for the emptiness at the Stadium, foremost among them that the Yankees' schedule is loaded with early season games - 20 of their first 28, starting on March 31.

Baseball teams HATE April games, especially on weekdays/nights.

Look, it's an extremely complicated subject. The factors include weather, tickets prices, the secondary market's influence, the faded excitement over a new stadium, parking prices, fans in the building but not in their seats because of assorted amenities, etc.

The only thing that is indisputable is that there are way more empty seats in the Bronx than we are used to seeing - and many, many more to come in Queens starting this weekend.

The beautiful thing about all that is going on in the sports attendance world is that the system is working as it should in our supply-and-demand system.

If prices for tickets, parking or soda are too high, don't buy. If you are willing to go to less attractive games on chilly nights in April, enjoy the bargains on the resale market. If you have a ticket for a club seat that comes with free food and warm indoor lounges, by all means stay there and watch on TV if you wish. If you have a nice HDTV and want to save several hundred dollars on an outing to the Bronx, stay home.

People: Do whatever the heck you want. It's America.


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