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Year-round 'madness' for CBS' Jon Rothstein

CBS Sports Network college basketball expert Jon Rothstein.

CBS Sports Network college basketball expert Jon Rothstein. Credit: CBS

Jon Rothstein said he feels “like a CPA on April 13 or 14,’’ which is natural for a college hoops expert this time of year.

But the current NCAAs have been particularly taxing because CBS has aggressively scheduled media appearances that have showcased his formidable trove of knowledge.

“For most people this is a three- or four-week process,’’ he said. “For me, it’s 365 days a year.’’

Rothstein, 29, worked for MSG before joining CBS in 2009, where he has established his credentials on a variety of outlets, mostly CBS Sports Network. In recent weeks he has been a regular on the network’s TV and radio outlets.

In Atlanta, Rothstein will do daily shows on CBSSN, as well as popping up regularly on radio.

So what does he think?

He is sticking with his pre-tournament pick: Louisville.

“I still think they’re the best team, when push comes to shove,’’ he said.

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