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YES executive likes in-game reports, but not pork chop chomper

YES' philosophy long has been much less aggressive than SNY's when it comes to in-game reports and interviews, but this season it has dipped its toe into those waters with reports from Kim Jones (and sometimes Jack Curry), usually during the third inning.

Generally I am strongly in favor of that sort of thing, because it breaks the monotony of long games and long seasons, and because it offers viewers additional information and/or entertainment - especially those who missed the pregame show.

I asked John Filippelli, YES' president of programming and production, how he believes the feature has worked out through the first half of the season.

Here is some of what he said:

"Your game averages five times, six times what your pregame does [in viewership]. So there are a whole lot of people who didn’t see the pregame, don’t know what the top story is, don’t know if the Yankees made a trade, don’t know if someone is hurt, player moves have been made, don’t know what the Yankees are thinking down the road.

"So if they didn’t see the pregame show, it’s a way of reprising the pregame show. It’s also a way to promote [Jones], promote our postgame show and make relevant what a lot of our audience didn’t see. That’s why we do it.

"We’re trying to be a little more proactive when it comes to that kind of experience."

Did the incident in Minnesota in which a fan in a Yankees jersey took a bite out of Jones' pork chop on camera concern Filippelli?

"I’ve talked to our producers about making sure there’s a security person, because if you ask the stadium they’ll provide someone, even if you’re in Seattle. You always run the risk anyplace of that happening.

"You run the risk anytime you put a reporter on, even in a camera well. Someone could scream an obscenity. You don’t know. It’s working without a net. Most of what we’ve done has worked pretty well, even though we had that glitch with the pork chop guy. I was concerned for Kim.

"The moment itself was rather humorous. The guy was harmless. But you don’t know that the person is harmless and that’s sort of scary, but those are the sorts of things you work on to make sure they don’t happen again."


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