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Yo, Ed Montague: That was a checked swing, sir!

Generally, I try not to watch baseball when getting mentally prepared for a possible Triple Crown crowning in Elmont. But there were two memorable moments involving the local squads Friday that deserve mention:

YES' Michael Kay properly was horrified and baffled by Ed Montague calling out Jason Giambi in the eighth on a checked swing in which he barely moved his hands and bat. I have been bugging baseball scribe Ken Davidoff for years to do a piece on the amazing changes since I was a lad in what constitutes a checked swing or not. Now is the time to write it, Ken!

Later Friday, old-school SNY analyst Keith Hernandez was in classic head-shaking mode upon watching the Padres' Edgar Gonzalez allow himself to be hit by a batted ball in a key late-game situation. Hernandez was incredulous over Gonzalez' cluelessness, and kept coming back to it throughout the inning. He was right, and he was amusing. But fortunately for Gonzalez, the Padres had the last laugh.

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